News from our Delegates

July 25, 2017

The Ohio State Shoot was a huge success again this year. I would like to personally thank the OSTA Directors for having another great shoot. There was a lot of preparation that went into making this one of the best shoots in the country. If you did not attend, you should try and make an effort to attend next year’s 2018 state shoot. The shoot had 8762 entries over the six day shoot and a competition factor of (6). This number would have been higher except for the rain on Friday which caused some shooters to scratch. There were 2,659 entries in the Championship events.

I would like to congratulate all the winners throughout the six day shoot, and the winners of the Championship events. Singles Champion – John Thomas; R/U- Ronald Smith; Handicap Champion- Kenneth Rosenbluh; R/U- Britt Havenar; Doubles Champion- Michael Wengerd; R/U-Joseph Charnigo. The HAA-Michael Wengerd and the HOA-Michael Wengerd. Bert Scalia won the shoot off for the Kubota RTV 400 and Harvey Bechtel was the lucky winner of the Golf Cart and Trailer.

I would also like for everyone to give a shout out to all the sponsors who donate prizes and money to make this one of the top rated shoots in the country. If you see the people, please tell them just how much you appreciate the donations. Without these sponsors, our state shoot would not be what it is today. Also, give a big thanks to Mr. Fishburn for providing such a wonderful facility, and Luke and Jake for keeping the shoot running great.

I personally had a lot of shooters talk to me about the shoot and had first time attendees tell me how they were going to go back home and tell their friends what a great place to shoot. Several shooters said they were going to make sure they put Ohio on their schedule for next year. Thanks everyone who participated and we grow by word of mouth. When you tell other people what a wonderful experience you had, they will want to give us a try.

The 2017 SCPT and SASP National Championships were held at the Cardinal Center, July 8 to 15, in Marengo. Competitive shooters, ages 8 to 23, from 32 states came to compete for National Titles. A total of 2687 competitors competed during the 8 day event. There were 2251 participants in the SCTP portion of all the events.

Over 1000 shooters competed in the Last Competitor Standing event. This is an Annie Oakley style event. The event was held over two evenings with over 500 competitors each evening. They place 30 shooters per trap field and the object is to eliminate each other by breaking the previous competitors target if it is missed. They have men and ladies winners taking home guns and other prizes. Anyone who wishes may compete, and they have competitions just for 2017 graduating seniors who compete for $1,000 scholarships presented by the NRA.

Congratulations to all these young shooters who took home prizes. I would like to send and special congratulation to Austin Jacob on winning the Last Competitor Standing Competition, a gun and the $1,000 scholarship. Austin has been so hot this year I am surprised his stock doesn’t catch on fire when he mounts his gun. I think the grasshopper has learned well from Jeff and Dave. Use the scholarship for a quality education so you will be able to continue this sport in your future.

I would also like to thank all the parents, grandparents, brother, sister, aunt or uncle who travel to this National Competition in support of your children. I know it is not always an easy task to plan for these events and put everything on hold but I always feel after 39 years of teaching. the parents that do things with their children and support them will be the big winners in the end.

I will leave you with the words of one of my good friends; keep your head down, follow through and “Bust’em”.

Roger McNamer
Ohio Delegate


I was in contact with Mr. Lynn Gipson today because I heard that the main road to the CEB building at the World Shooting Complex had been repaired. Mr. Gipson said the IDNR did a temporary repair on the road at their expense. The total project was paid for by the IDNR. Mr. Gipson said the repair only took one day because it is a temporary repair. The IDNR said they are hoping for a permanent repair in the not so distance future. The ATA has paid for two things at the World Shooting Complex this year. First, they had the bank signs repainted so you can read them from the road again at a cost of less than $1,000, and they paid to have the trap houses repainted. According to Mr. Gipson, these are the only repairs the ATA has paid for at the World Shooting Complex as of today.

Roger McNamer