News from our Delegates

Michael Blair
Ohio Delegate

The Ohio Zone shoots are over and the names are in the book. I hope everyone that won an event shows up at the state shoot to represent their zone. You should have received your state program. If you did not receive a copy, please contact the state secretary for a copy. Look on for information. I hope everyone can make it to the state shoot this year. The Ohio State shoot should be a competition factor of (7) if the crowd stays the same as in the past few years. Ohio is probably the largest shoot of all state shoots. Ohio has added the AAA class for the 2018 shoot.

The Cardinal has a couple of shoots coming up before the state shoot. The Karen’s Cup and the Buckeye Open. If the weather holds, the Buckeye should be a huge success because more shooters are starting to show up. The Buckeye will also have AAA class as well as the Cardinal Classic after the Grand American in August. Last year the Buckeye was a comp 5 and may be higher with the new formula.

The Middletown Sportsmen’s Club had a good attendance for the Mid-American the last few days of April. They ended with a competition factor of (3) and was pushing the (4) hard. Mike Erter has done a good job with the club and they are constantly working to improve. They just finished installing 50 amp services for the camping area which will be available for the Fall Handicap. The Mid had 72 trophies winners from several different states. The trophies were shells and Shamrock Leather. The Shamrock items were very nice. Singles Champion: Eugene Koczwara; Handicap: Kevin Nidzgorski; Doubles: Brady Welsh and HAA; Tank Lunsford. I would like to think Tara Madden for the help she gave me at the shoot by providing the daily information. I hope everyone will try to attend the Fall Handicap in September.

I hope to see everyone at the state shoot. Remember to bring your average card when you classify. I will leave you with the words of a friend. Keep your head down, follow through and “Bust’em”.

Roger McNamer
Your Ohio A.T.A. Delegate

Well the shooting season is upon us again. The BOD met in April and finalized the Ohio State program. It is now at the printers and you will be receiving yours in the mail very soon. The golf cart and trailer, 50/50 tickets will again be on sale this year. Please read your program carefully when it arrives for all the rules and regulations pertaining to the state shoot as well as all the items being offered at this year’s shoot. We would like for you to give a big thank you to all the vendors participating in this year’s state shoot. Without these vendors, our state shoot would not be one of the most successful shoot in the country. I personally think the state shoot this year will have a comp factor of 7 under the new ATA guidelines. I hope everyone will come and join us at this year’s 2018 Ohio State Shoot.

The OSTA Foundation awarded 13 scholarships this year to some high school seniors that are going to attend college this coming year. The foundation does a wonderful job at supporting these students by offering these scholarships. The proceeds received from the 7 guns which will be offered this year is one of the ways the Foundation builds its funds in order to help all the young shooters in our state. You do not have to shoot to participate in this gun raffle. You may purchase tickets at the OSTA Museum. There is a $10 option on every event, or you can save yourself money by paying for all events at one time. This is also available to non-shooters at the OSTA Museum. Please help us support these young adults by supporting the Foundation. The Foundation is also funded by donations. If you wish to make any type of donations to help young shooters in Ohio, please see any of the BOD.

The Zone shoots are coming up in May. Please support our local clubs by attending your respective zone. You must shoot your zone to be eligible for the state team. The Cardinal Center is getting ready for the 2018 shooting season. Luke and Jake are doing a great job at the Cardinal Center. The OSTA has begun replacing the traps at the Cardinal Center as per the contractual agreement. The OSTA purchased 5 traps this year and will do the same in the next few years until all traps are replaced. If you are interested in purchasing one of our used traps for your club or know someone that is looking to purchase a PatTtrap, please contact one of the board members. The five for this year have already been sold, but there will be five more next year. They have been maintained and are pretty good traps and will save your club several dollars.
I will leave you with the words of my good friend that always states before taking the line. Keep your head down, follow through and “Bust’em”.

Roger McNamer
Ohio ATA Delegate

At the present time, Ohio does not have a lot going on within the state. Most clubs are holding registered shoots and hoping this cold weather leaves soon. The BOD is finalizing the program for the state shoot coming in June 2018. The next scheduled meeting is April 7, 2018 at which time the program should be approved and sent to the printer for distribution.

The shoots coming up in the near future for Ohio are the Mid-American and OSTA Zone shoots. The Mid-American is held at the Middletown Sportsman’s Club in Middletown, Ohio. The Mid-American should have enough shooters again this year to qualify for All American points. For information contact Mike Erter at the club or go to the website. For the OSTA Zone shoots, you must shoot your respected zone in order to qualify for the All Ohio Team.

I would like to congratulate the following shooters who traveled to the Silver Dollar and participated in the Southern Grand and won trophies. They are as follows: Baird, William; Bush, Adam; Bush, Andrew; Dehaby, Mike; Friedhoff, Jeff; Linn, Tom; Morgan, Louie; Rodriguez, Mercedes; Schlichter, Jeff; Snively, Brant; Thompson, Mary; Whyde, George; Williams, William.

There were 21 Ohio shooters that attended the 2018 Spring Grand American in Tucson, Arizona but I do have a winners list. If you were a winner at the Spring Grand, shoot me an email at and I will include it in the next article.

I should have more information to report after the next BOD meeting on April 7, 2018. I will leave you with the words of a good friend. Keep your head down, follow through and “Bust’em”.

Roger McNamer
Ohio ATA Delegate

2018 Dixie Grand American , Oct 2-7, 2018

Start planning now for the great 2018 shooting season at the NC Trapshooting Home Grounds!

By all measures the Dixie Grand in Bostic was a complete success! Thanks to all the NCTA Board members and volunteers for making it happen. There will be 4 great shoots to attend in 2018 so get out your calendars and start planning now!

The Dogwood Open will be replaced by the North Carolina Hall of Fame shoot this coming April 26-29. Since we now host the Dixie Grand in October, moving the HoF shoot to the spring date makes a lot of sense. Typically the weather is nice in late April so be prepared for a great start to the NC shooting season at Bostic…

The North Carolina State Trapshooting Championships will be held June 6-10 again at the NCTA Home Grounds at Bostic. June is normally an awesome weather month and we have been blessed with one of the finest shooting facilities in the country! Bring your “A” game to this shoot as the scores are typically high and that’s what it takes to win a trophy! See you there…

The NCTA will be a telephonic host location to the Southern Zone Trapshooting Championships again this year. July 12-15, 2018. Shooter’s from many states have found that our beautiful Home Grounds in the foothills of the Blue Ridge is a great place to shoot and visit. You’ll likely see some out of zone shooters there getting the feel of the facility for the upcoming Dixie Grand…

The 2018 Dixie Grand American will be held at Bostic October 2-7, 2018. Since the 2017 shoot was so successful and the most common comment I heard was “I’ll be back next year for sure and will tell my friends what a great shoot this was.” I think we’ll have our hands full in 2018! We had a couple of All American Team Members there this year including our own Noah Gouge! (Noah is the Junior All American Team Captain this year!!) I would imagine we’ll have a few more All Americans there in 2018 as the word spreads about how good the shoot is!

The NCTA and the NC Trapshooting HoF are diligently working on adding two more fields to the facility. If you are interested in a tax deductable donation, contact Marty Hill at 910-964-8427. Every dollar helps and all goes to the NC Home Grounds for improvements! Thanks!

Hope to see you all there. If you have any questions about the Dixie Grand or any other NC Registered Shoot, please email me at

2018 Southern Zone State Shoot dates:

Brazil – January 24-28, 2018
Florida – March 20-26, 2018
Georgia – May 3-6, 2018
South Carolina – May 16-20, 2018
Mississippi – May 23-27, 2018
Alabama – May 31 – June 3, 2018
North Carolina June 6-10, 2018
Virginia July 4-8, 2018
Kentucky July 3-8, 2018
West Virginia July12-15, 2018


You can get contact info on all the NC trap clubs at (Click on link)

North Carolina winter 2018 shoots…CLICK HERE

www.shootata/com and

Charlotte Rifle and pistol club will be hosting their first registered shoot “Big 50” this coming weekend!

I had the opportunity to visit the Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club last month and certify their trap fields for ATA competition. This is a beautiful club with very up to date machines and Canterbury Voice releases. The background is excellent and should prove to yield some great scores. The members at CR&P have worked hard to make this a successful trap club and are looking forward to having visitors come and participate in the Big 50 this Saturday, March 17.

For more info email:
Bob Romanelli

Club address is:

Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club
9130 Kensington Dr
Waxhaw, NC 28173

They have two more shoots on the schedule for

June 23, 2018 – September 8, 2018 & October 20, 2018

Bob Romanelli told me they are providing a hot dog lunch for the shooters as well. Hope you can make it!

Check this link for other shoots in March and April around NC!

ATA shoots around North Carolina…CLICK HERE

February 2018

The Director’s for the OSTA and OSTA Foundation met on February 10, 2018. The Foundation is again going to provide a few scholarships for high school seniors wanting to continue their education and they meet the requirements to be considered for the scholarships. The application must be received by March 15, 2018. The Foundation will again provide 7 guns to be given away at the state shoot for this year. Playing this option is one of the ways the Foundation can continue providing scholarships. There will be a gun given away every day of the state shoot. If you are a shooter, you can play the gun option on your entry ticket or you may purchase a chance at other designated areas.

The BOD has worked hard on providing another great state shoot for 2018. They are continuing their Golf Cart and Trailer raffle as well as giving another Kubota RTV 400 purchased from Evolution Ag again this year. All of the events have a sponsor again this year. Several of our sponsors have been with the OSTA for several years and a couple of new ones have come on board for 2018. Just about everything that was offered last year will be available this year. When you receive your programs, please stop by and give a big thank you to our sponsors. Without these sponsors, the Ohio State shoot would not be one of the largest if not the largest shoot in the country. Check out the OSTA website at

One of the new things offered this year is AAA for singles and doubles. The BOD voted to provide trophies for AAA. Luke and Jake Spengler stopped by the meeting and I think the Cardinal Center is also going to offer AAA at the Buckeye Open and Cardinal Classic for 2018.

Another fact, the OSTA will start replacing the traps as per the contractual agreement. The BOD voted to purchase 5 new traps for this coming year and will continue this practice for the duration of the contract. The traps will be replaced according to the number of targets that have been thrown. The first five traps being replaced have already been sold for this year. If your club or you know of anyone interested in purchasing one of these used traps in the future, please contact someone on the BOD so your name or club may be put on the list.

I would also like to congratulate the 2018 OSTA Hall of Fame inductees. They are as follows: Bill Jaqua, Ken Kamnikar, and Ron Charniga. I realize Bill Jaqua is deceased and he contributed a great deal of his life to promoting trap shooting, but if you see Ken or Ron give them a big old hand shake.

Remember, we have a few shoots coming up in May you might want to make arrangements to attend. We have the Mid-American at the Middletown Sportsman’s Club which should generate a few All American points, OSTA Zone shoots at your respected clubs, and the Karen’s Cup at the Cardinal Center.

I will leave you with the words of a good friend. Keep your head down, follow through and “Bust’em”.

Ohio Delegate
Roger McNamer

The OSTA Board and Foundation meeting was canceled for the month of January due to extremely bad weather. I don’t know about up north but our area was on a level 3. I know it is not worth anyone taking a chance on having an accident to attend our OSTA meeting and I think every shooter out there would agree with that statement. It has been rescheduled and even though it throws us a little behind, it is better than someone being hurt, and I am sure we will make up the lost time.

As of right now, there is not a whole lot to report since our meeting was canceled. Local clubs are still shooting leagues and having fun shoots. Please support your local clubs. The Southern Grand is coming up in the near future. You may wish to start making plans in advance with reservations. The Mid-American in April should be a very nice shoot to attend this spring in Ohio. The Zone shoot is in May please put your respective zone club on your calendar. You may go online to for clubs and date of the zone shoots.

Richard Zombek ask me to remind all Ohio shooters that wish to run for Ohio Zone Director please reach out to your respective nominating committee personnel. High school seniors applying for one of the Foundation Scholarships should be reminded your application must be received by the deadline to be considered for one of the scholarships.
In the ATA news, the EC gave Lynn Gipson a new 3 year contract with the language remaining the same. The new IT man for the ATA is Dan Bauer. The ATA now has a Death Member Certificate which will contain detailed information about the past member which may be obtained by submitting a request to the ATA Office. According to Mr. Hayes the Central Zone EC member, the new point system seems to be currently working very well. The EC expenditures came in under the budgeted amount of $24,000. The same amount is budgeted for 2018. There will be no reductions allowed below the 19 yard line. The 2018 Grand American dates are August 1, 2018 through August 11, 2018.

I will leave you with the words of a good friend of mine, keep your head down, follow through and “Bust’em”.

Roger McNamer ATA Delegate

August 8, 2017 Central Zone Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 am.

Roll was called and all states and provinces were represented.

Scott Hoover made a presentation on the proposed changes to the All American Point system. Some of the highlights of the new points system are: points are no longer tied to trophies or points pins, shooters earn points by having one of the 3 top scores in their category, and the competition level at the Grand Week Events at the Grand American will increase from a factor of 10 to a factor of 12.

President Burke requested that when sending the results of the Zone, State, and Provincial shoots, the Trophy list is to be sent in the following order: Lady1, Lady 2, Sub Jr, Jr, Jr Gold, Sub Vet, Vet, and Sr Vet.

The 2018 Central Zone Shoot will be held on July 27-29. For 2018, category and HOA Trophies will be added to the Central Zone Trophy package. The same States and Provinces who hosted the Central Zone shoot in 2017 are expected to host the Zone shoot in 2018.

Roger McNamer made known the fact that the placement of the US Open Trapshoot on the same weekend as the Buckeye Classic adversely effected attendance at the Buckeye and he expressed his concern that, in spite of the fact that attendance at the US Open did not qualify for the shoot having a competition factor of 4, it was a 4 point shoot. President Burke explained that the ATA has to host a shoot at the WSRC to show the state of Illinois that the ATA is supporting the WSRC site beyond the Grand American.

Mark Stevens reported that there was $5575.63 in the Zone bank account prior to the collection of any fees from the 2017 Zone. The Zone pins cost $2530.23 plus there will be a charge of $1350.00 for computer fees. The Preliminary Handicap winner will be sent a cheque for $75.00.

An election of officers followed.

J Barnett moved, seconded by M Stevens that Darryl Hayes be elected President of Zone. B Felber moved nominations cease. Carried.

D Hayes moved, seconded by L Mueller that Jason Barnett be elected Vice President. B Felber moved nominations cease. Carried.

J Barnett moved, seconded by M Stevens that Robert Lamont be elected Secretary of the Zone. B Felber moved that nominations cease. Carried

D Hayes moved, seconded by J Barnett that Mark Stevens be elected Treasurer of the Zone. B Felber moved that nominations cease. Carried.

Darryl Hayes thanked the group for the opportunity to serve as president of the Central Zone.

B Felber moved for adjournment.

November 2017

Well, there is not a lot going on in the state of Ohio at the present time. Most shooters are shooting leagues, practice and some registered targets. This is a good time to practice new loads for the upcoming target year and time to shoot different games at the local clubs. I always liked a good buddy match and when things really got interesting we tried to shoot a three man buddy.

I have not received any great news from the ATA but they usually have a meeting sometime in December. Maybe I will have some encouraging news for next month’s addition. I might get in on a good conference call by then and will be able to share some information with everyone.

The All Ohio Team members are as follows: Men’s Team; Michael Wengerd, Robert Caplinger, Dirk Meckstroth, Pactrick McCarthy, Michael Blair, Steve Stedman, Steve Neuman, Richard Zombek, Jim Walker II: Junior Gold; Ryan Minyo, Justin Carson, Ian Wilkshire: Juniors; Austin Jacob, Brady Welsh, Rodd Spradlin, Brandon Brooks: Sub Juniors; Andrew Bush, Adam Bush, Ryan Denes, Austin Pohlman: Lady I: Summer Gobrecht, Elizabeth Ternes, Elaina McCarthy: Lady II; Peggy Ann Wise, Carole Carney: Sub Veteran; John Evick, Steve Corwin, Dan Schock, Dean Townsend, Raymond Gajoch: Veteran; Craig Blank, Don Renner, Roger McNamer, Ronald Charniga, Randolph Reinhardt: Senior Veteran; Kenneth Kamnikar, David Berlet, Michael Roese, John Evans, Clyde Findley. Ohio’s Grandest Shooter : Joseph Charnigo.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, ate lots of turkey and devoured several pieces of pumpkin pie. Now it is time to get ready for the Jolly Old Man. I will leave you with the words of a good friend.

Keep your head down, follow through and “Bust’em”.

Roger McNamer
Ohio Delegate

October 2017

The BOD met Saturday, October 14, 2017. This was the organization meeting for the 2018 Ohio State Shoot. Directors were assigned jobs and committees were formed for the 2018 state shoot. Information pertaining to the meeting may be found on the Ohio State website. The website is The BOD is working hard on trying to make the 2018 state shoot bigger and better than the 2017 shoot.

The golf cart and trailer, a big ticket item will again be offered. Bob Caplinger is in contact with previous sponsors and there are a few new sponsors that showed interest and may be coming on board for the 2018 shoot. These are just a few of the things that the Board has decided so far.

The OSTA Foundation will again offer the 50/50 drawing and there should be a few guns to give away again the coming year. All of the guns are made available through Larry & Brenda Potterfield and the Midway USA Foundation. All the proceeds go to the youth shooters in Ohio. The OSTA Foundation gave 10 Scholarships to students wishing to further their education plus help other youth programs in Ohio. I urge everyone to help us support the young shooters by participating in the gun giveaways and other programs the Foundation is sponsoring during the state shoot.

The Fall Handicap which was held at the Middletown Sportsman’s Club September 20-24, had a great turnout again this year. The weather cooperated this year by providing sunny days and high temperatures for the five day shoot. There were 445 entries in the Championship events. The winners are as follows: Singles Champion: Steve Corwin; R/U Danny Ryan: Handicap Champion: Adam Ralston; R/U Chris Sizemore: Doubles Champion: Tom Kleyla; R/U Jim Walker II.

There were 34 Ohio shooters that attended the Dixie Grand at Bostic, NC. The weather was great every day except on Sunday when the clouds and rain arrived in early morning. There were 809 entries in the Championship events. Ohio shooters that performed well at the Dixie Grand and brought home some hardware are as follows: Cooperrider, Dennis; Cosby, Stanley; Dehabey, Mike; Detty, Ed; Drake, Robert; Evick,John; Gandert,Charles; Hedrick, Jennifer; McCarthy, Patrick; Morgan, Louie; Orr, Gregory; Petterson, Betty; Petterson, Roger; Roese, Michael; Stumbo, Ashley; Welsh, Brady; Zombek,Richard.

I will leave you with the words of a good friend. Keep your head down, follow through and “Bust’em”.

Roger McNamer
Ohio Delegate

August 2017

The 2017 Grand American was very enjoyable this year for the shooters which experienced mild temperatures and only one day of showers. The opening ceremonies contained several venues such as the Blue/Gray Shoot Out and ending with a great fireworks display. The Cardinal Center received second place in the White Flyer Mega Target Award during these ceremonies.

Ohio was represented with 209 shooters that classified at this year’s Grand American. Trophy winners at this year’s Grand are as follows: Bailey, Terry; Bush, Andrew; Caplinger, Robert; Charniga, Ronald; Charnigo, Joseph; Corwin, Steve; Dehabey, Mike; Evick, John; Findley, Clyde; Gandert, Charles; Gioffre, John; Gobrecht, Summer; Hedrick, William; Jacob, Austin; Jendre, Flip; Kaminikar, Kenneth; McCarthy, Elaina; McCarthy, Patrick; Minyo, Ryan; Plaumann, Rick; Schlichter, Jeff; Smeltz, Mike; Ternes, Elizabeth; Thomas, John; Thompson, Mary; Weisgerber, Paul; Wengerd, Michael; Williams, Phil; Zombek, Richard. In the National Team Race held on Friday during preliminary week Ohio placed 2nd in Vet Category: Charniga, Ronald; Blank, Craig; McNamer, Roger and 3rd in Sr. Vet Category: Dehabey, Mike; Findley, Clyde; Morgan, Louie. Joseph Charnigo was Ohio’s Grandest shooter with a score of 393 in the HAA.

During the Central Zone meeting, I asked President John Burke if the ATA would consider moving the dates of the US Open so it would not conflict with the Buckeye Open. The Buckeye Open is considered a major shoot and has been the same week for several years. This was the first year for the US Open to be shot on these dates. This would benefit both the US Open and the Buckeye Open. Mr. Burke implied he would take it before the EC. That means I was probably in a no fly zone.

During our annual meeting this year, we learned the ATA is changing how the All American points will be assessed. A new comp factor chart will be applied to this coming year which will reflect the change the ATA implemented last year by reducing the required number of shooters from 600 to 450 shooters for All American Points. I would also like to congratulate Darrell Hayes on becoming the new VP from the Central Zone. Darrell always attends the shoots at the Cardinal Center and is always willing to help in any way possible.

The Cardinal Classic, which is held directly following the Grand American, saw a lot of campers pulling in late Saturday and all day Sunday. Several shooters headed back east make the Cardinal Center a regular stop on the way home each year and they are greatly appreciated.

The Cardinal Classic had 8590 entries in the 6 day shoot. There were 2290 entries in the Championship events which gave the shoot a comp factor of 6. The Cardinal Classic was a great shoot and except for Thursday’s rain the weather was extremely nice. I won’t swear to it, but I think 11 out of the 15 events carried All American points. If you are chasing All American points come and join us at the Cardinal Center next year.

In the Championship Events the winners were as follows: Singles; Fleming, Ian (PA); Handicap; Brooks, Brandon (OH); Doubles; Jacob, Austin (OH). The HAA Champion: Patmore, Matthew (AS); HOA Champion: Vendel, Chris (PA).

I would like to commend the Cardinal Center for always having the grounds groomed neatly and the targets were great except when the wind decided to interfere with the flight of the targets but they were still breakable. The target setters for the Cardinal Center did an excellent job and Luke Spengler does an excellent job keeping everything running smooth. I would also like to give a big thank you to Candy for having the scorers and loaders ready for every shoot held at the Cardinal. This past year Luke had Jake manning the 3 sporting clay ranges which held more tournaments and they are expecting to hold more this upcoming season.

Mr. Fishburn is trying his best to improve the facility this coming year and I hope everyone appreciates all the things he does at the Cardinal Center. Mr. Fishburn is trying to provide Ohio shooters one of the finest facilities in the country. If you happen to see him, make sure you tell him how much you appreciate everything he does for the shooting industry and the Ohio Shooters.

The shoots at the Cardinal Center would not be what they are without the help of our sponsors. I would like to personally thank all the sponsors who contribute to all the shoots in Ohio. Please check out the sponsors and give them a special thanks for their support.

Also, Bob Stuart does an excellent job with everything pertaining to the computer end of things and he also does the announcements every morning or when something comes up that needs to be blasted over the PA system. I had several shooters comment on Bob’s TV system after attending the Grand and I will have to admit it is one of the best in the business.

Also, please remember to fill out the All Ohio Team Application. You can down load a copy from the Ohio State Trap Shooting Association website.

I will leave you with the words of a good friend of mine whenever you go to take the line. Keep your head down, follow through and “Bust’em”.

Roger McNamer
Ohio Delegate

July 25, 2017

The Ohio State Shoot was a huge success again this year. I would like to personally thank the OSTA Directors for having another great shoot. There was a lot of preparation that went into making this one of the best shoots in the country. If you did not attend, you should try and make an effort to attend next year’s 2018 state shoot. The shoot had 8762 entries over the six day shoot and a competition factor of (6). This number would have been higher except for the rain on Friday which caused some shooters to scratch. There were 2,659 entries in the Championship events.

I would like to congratulate all the winners throughout the six day shoot, and the winners of the Championship events. Singles Champion – John Thomas; R/U- Ronald Smith; Handicap Champion- Kenneth Rosenbluh; R/U- Britt Havenar; Doubles Champion- Michael Wengerd; R/U-Joseph Charnigo. The HAA-Michael Wengerd and the HOA-Michael Wengerd. Bert Scalia won the shoot off for the Kubota RTV 400 and Harvey Bechtel was the lucky winner of the Golf Cart and Trailer.

I would also like for everyone to give a shout out to all the sponsors who donate prizes and money to make this one of the top rated shoots in the country. If you see the people, please tell them just how much you appreciate the donations. Without these sponsors, our state shoot would not be what it is today. Also, give a big thanks to Mr. Fishburn for providing such a wonderful facility, and Luke and Jake for keeping the shoot running great.

I personally had a lot of shooters talk to me about the shoot and had first time attendees tell me how they were going to go back home and tell their friends what a great place to shoot. Several shooters said they were going to make sure they put Ohio on their schedule for next year. Thanks everyone who participated and we grow by word of mouth. When you tell other people what a wonderful experience you had, they will want to give us a try.

The 2017 SCPT and SASP National Championships were held at the Cardinal Center, July 8 to 15, in Marengo. Competitive shooters, ages 8 to 23, from 32 states came to compete for National Titles. A total of 2687 competitors competed during the 8 day event. There were 2251 participants in the SCTP portion of all the events.

Over 1000 shooters competed in the Last Competitor Standing event. This is an Annie Oakley style event. The event was held over two evenings with over 500 competitors each evening. They place 30 shooters per trap field and the object is to eliminate each other by breaking the previous competitors target if it is missed. They have men and ladies winners taking home guns and other prizes. Anyone who wishes may compete, and they have competitions just for 2017 graduating seniors who compete for $1,000 scholarships presented by the NRA.

Congratulations to all these young shooters who took home prizes. I would like to send and special congratulation to Austin Jacob on winning the Last Competitor Standing Competition, a gun and the $1,000 scholarship. Austin has been so hot this year I am surprised his stock doesn’t catch on fire when he mounts his gun. I think the grasshopper has learned well from Jeff and Dave. Use the scholarship for a quality education so you will be able to continue this sport in your future.

I would also like to thank all the parents, grandparents, brother, sister, aunt or uncle who travel to this National Competition in support of your children. I know it is not always an easy task to plan for these events and put everything on hold but I always feel after 39 years of teaching. the parents that do things with their children and support them will be the big winners in the end.

I will leave you with the words of one of my good friends; keep your head down, follow through and “Bust’em”.

Roger McNamer
Ohio Delegate


I was in contact with Mr. Lynn Gipson today because I heard that the main road to the CEB building at the World Shooting Complex had been repaired. Mr. Gipson said the IDNR did a temporary repair on the road at their expense. The total project was paid for by the IDNR. Mr. Gipson said the repair only took one day because it is a temporary repair. The IDNR said they are hoping for a permanent repair in the not so distance future. The ATA has paid for two things at the World Shooting Complex this year. First, they had the bank signs repainted so you can read them from the road again at a cost of less than $1,000, and they paid to have the trap houses repainted. According to Mr. Gipson, these are the only repairs the ATA has paid for at the World Shooting Complex as of today.

Roger McNamer