Ohio State Shoot

131st Annual Ohio State Trapshooting Tournament

The Ohio State Trapshooting tournament is one of the largest trapshooting events in the country with as many as 1,500 shooters from more than 30 states competing for money, big-ticket prizes and bragging rights.

The SCTP State competition is held on Monday of the tournament week….it draws over 400 youth shooters from Ohio as well as many non-resident youth shooters.

The SCTP NATIONALS are held in July…..(not part of the State Tournament)…and they draw over 2,500 shooters from around the United States.

WHEN: Ohio State Shoot,  June 19th through June 24th, 2018 and
Monday June 18th, 2018 is the new date for the SCTP competition

WHERE: Cardinal Shooting Center (Map Shown below)

2018 State Shoot Program will available in April

GOLF CART RENTAL: Eagle Golf Carts, LLC | (888) 432-3059

CAMPING: Campsite and facility rentals are reserved through the Cardinal Center Campground.

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On Monday afternoon, 40 shooters participated in the 50 BIRD – 22 YARD HANDICAP event sponsored by J & L Equipment, INC. The top score of 49 in the Lewis Class was shared by Steve Snyder and Doug Smith. Ron Charniga, Gunner Hall and Larry Wright followed with a score of 48 each. Fourteen shooters in all, shared the $650.00 purse.

Monday evening program– BOTTOM DOLLAR MISS & OUT

The program started at 6 pm and went 11 rounds…at 9 pm, the winners were:

1st Place- John Thomas $480.00
2nd Place- Charlie Moore $288.00
3rd Place- Austin Whited $192.00

These 2 events raised $745.00 for the
N.E. Ohio Epilepsy Foundation, the charity chosen by President Martin Miller.


2017 Ohio State Shoot – SCTP Highlights:

This year, we had 403 shooters- 88 squads-25 total teams- 20 from Ohio, 2 from PA. and 3 from KY Justin Carson broke the only 200 straight. He was the Sue Kaufman Award winner.

Gunner Hall from Madison County, Jason Schieve from Claybusters, Evan Barr from Moulton, Seth Simonson from Greene County and Summer Gobrecht from Hancock County are on the Ohio SCTP All-State Team and will represent Ohio at the SCTP Nationals in Marengo.
They will compete against all other State teams.

Rookie Division Winner – Moulton with 394 x 500 Runner Up – North Lawrence with 377 x 500 Third – Centerburg with 312 x 500

Intermediate Division Winner – Centerburg with 934 x 1000 Runner Up – Chippewa with 849 x 1000 Third – Moulton with 752 x 1000

Intermediate Advanced Division Winner – Chippewa with 890 x 1000 Runner Up – Moulton with 883 x 1000 Third – Hancock County with 880 x 1000

Junior Varsity Division Winner – Chippewa with 916 x 1000 Runner Up – Centerburg with 903 x 1000 Third – Central Ohio with 874 x 1000

Varsity Division Winner – Chippewa with 971 x 1000 Runner Up Greene County with 968 x 1000 Third – Claybusters with 949 x 1000

Collegiate Winners – Justin Carson with 200 x 200 Runner Up – Elizabeth Ternes with 195 x 200 Third – Chris Arnold with 194 x 200

The donation is from the Monday “Fun Day” events.
President Marty Miller and Colleen Saunier, Director of Development

Our trophy room for the 131st annual Ohio StateTournament

Mary Hornyak of DK Sales

Cindy and Tracy from DeVault Industries

This little guy already has his Kubota.

Unfortunately, it began raining before the MISS AND OUT shoot finished….but everyone enjoyed the double rainbows.

Shooters breaking orange crusher targets, leaving an orange puff when they break.