President’s Message

It has been an honor to serve on the Board of Directors of the Ohio State Trapshooting Association over the last four years. It has been a pleasure working with such a dedicated group of individuals who give of their time and abilities to help assure that our sport remains vital and healthy and our annual Zone Shoots and State Trapshooting Tournament are the best they can be. And now I am most appreciative of the opportunity to serve with these devoted individuals as the President of our Association. Having been a trapshooter for nearly fifty years, serving on the board and as OSTA President is my way of giving back in a small way to this sport that I love and which has been so meaningful to me throughout my adult life. It’s the people you meet, the experiences you share, the lifelong friendships developed, and the enjoyment of competition, that are so meaningful to me, and I am hopeful to in some small way, contribute to the sport in a positive way during the year.

We trapshooters in Ohio are blessed in many ways. We have many strong small and mid-sized gun clubs in the state offering a variety of events throughout the year. These clubs are led by highly dedicated individuals who give of their time, talents, and energy to help our sport thrive. And in the Cardinal Center, we have one of the premier shooting facilities in the country to host our State Shoot. This past year your Board of Directors and the management of the Cardinal Center entered into a ten-year contract which is mutually beneficial and assures our relationship and presence at this wonderful facility will continue well into the future.

We also have a very strong SCTP program which is growing each year and introducing more and more young people to our sport. Through this program, young people not only develop a skill, they learn about competition, accepting responsibility, sportsmanship, and teamwork as well as respect for their coaches and, hopefully, appreciation for their parents who help make their participation possible. Encourage young people you come in contact with to give our sport a try, and always remember to thank the coaches who make it possible.

We are blessed to have a very strong Ohio State Trapshooting Foundation dedicated to our youth shooters and youth programs. Your board has established an endowment fund with the MidwayUSA Foundation which will provide financial support for the state’s youth shooting programs in perpetuity. We hope you will support our Foundation fundraising efforts as these provide college scholarships to many of our youth shooters annually.

We are also blessed to have a rich history and heritage of trapshooting and trapshooters in Ohio, and a beautiful Hall of Fame and Museum to honor that history and those individuals who have excelled in our sport. Be sure to visit the museum whenever you are at the Cardinal Center as the displays are changed frequently and there is so much to see.

Finally, we are blessed to have thousands of dedicated shooters, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, and auxiliary personnel who each enjoy and contribute to our sport in their own way. We on the board are here to serve all of you. Please contact us with your questions or concerns, as well as your suggestions, ideas, and feedback.

I wish all of you a successful, fun-filled, and enjoyable 2017-2018 shooting season. I hope, like I do, you’ll share your passion for our sport with others and encourage them to give trapshooting a try. I’m sure glad someone did that for me fifty years ago!

Doug Gormley
2017 President
Ohio State Trapshooting Association