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MOULTON YOUTH SHOOTERS: Braydon Hoehn, Kole Kuenning, Seth Finke, Jordan Landin and Corbin Suchland


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Over 400 kids participated in the annul event! There were 25 teams competing this year Once the shooting was over, the kids were treated to an ice cream buffet, compliments of the Ohio State Trapshooting Assciation

2017 Ohio State Shoot – SCTP Highlights:

This year, we had 403 shooters- 88 squads-25 total teams- 20 from Ohio, 2 from PA. and 3 from KY Justin Carson broke the only 200 straight. He was the Sue Kaufman Award winner.

Gunner Hall from Madison County, Jason Schieve from Claybusters, Evan Barr from Moulton, Seth Simonson from Greene County and Summer Gobrecht from Hancock County are on the Ohio SCTP All-State Team and will represent Ohio at the SCTP Nationals in Marengo.
They will compete against all other State teams.

Rookie Division Winner – Moulton with 394 x 500 Runner Up – North Lawrence with 377 x 500 Third – Centerburg with 312 x 500

Intermediate Division Winner – Centerburg with 934 x 1000 Runner Up – Chippewa with 849 x 1000 Third – Moulton with 752 x 1000

Intermediate Advanced Division Winner – Chippewa with 890 x 1000 Runner Up – Moulton with 883 x 1000 Third – Hancock County with 880 x 1000

Junior Varsity Division Winner – Chippewa with 916 x 1000 Runner Up – Centerburg with 903 x 1000 Third – Central Ohio with 874 x 1000

Varsity Division Winner – Chippewa with 971 x 1000 Runner Up Greene County with 968 x 1000 Third – Claybusters with 949 x 1000

Collegiate Winners – Justin Carson with 200 x 200 Runner Up – Elizabeth Ternes with 195 x 200 Third – Chris Arnold with 194 x 200

SCTP Team relaxes with a few games of corn hole.

One of the competing SCTP teams makes a stop at the Hall of Fame Museum.

The Chippewa Team gets ready to take the  line.

The Intermediate Entry Level winning team from Moulton Gun Club

The ALL-OHIO SCTP TEAM represented by members Gunner Hall, Tanner Hart and William Browning ,(left to right)

Youth Trapshooting: Students Aim High

We understand that the future of trapshooting rests with the youth of our state. As older enthusiasts fade from the sport, young folks will carry forward the traditions we hold dear. That’s why the Ohio State Trapshooting Association and its member clubs promote several youth programs.

AIM is the official youth program of the Amateur Trapshooting Association. Named for the values it promotes — academics, integrity and marksmanship  the program allows young people from elementary school through college the opportunity to compete either as teams or as individuals. Participants are taught safe shooting habits, gun handling and trapshooting etiquette. Through competition, our youth learn life lessons including teamwork, sportsmanship and giving back to society. They also learn why academics, integrity and marksmanship are important.
Learn More About The Amateur Trapshooting Association

Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation
Through team-based shooting tournaments, student athletes learn skills and life lessons that emphasize positive character and citizenship. Safety, teamwork and leadership are the core of training and competition. The foundation’s Scholastic Clay Target Program promotes trap, skeet and sporting clays  and several Olympic disciplines. As the official feeder program of the USA Shooting program, SSSF is a path to the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team.
For information about the Ohio Scholastic Clay Target Program, email OSTA Youth Chairman Dave Schock
More Information About the National Scholastic Clay Target Program
Find an Ohio State Youth Trap Shooting Team
Start a Youth Trapshooting Team
2016 Year in Review: Inside SSSF
2017 SCTP Flyer

MidWay USA Foundation
The MidwayUSA Foundation raises money for high school, college and university shooting teams throughout the United States. That’s more than 20,000 schools. Shooting is an outlet for students to make friends, develop confidence, and learn discipline and leadership skills. Unfortunately, most schools contribute little to no funding. That’s where Midway USA fills the gap, thanks to generous donors around the country. Contributions are tax deductible and used to fund existing programs and start new ones.
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