Updates and Rules


A copy of Appendix II of the Official ATA rules is listed below, however some of the highlights of the revised point determination procedures follow:

· There is only one “type” of All American points now. There are no longer separate “trophy” points and “tie” points.
· Trophies are no longer required to be given in order for points to be awarded.
· ALL shooters breaking the TOP THREE SCORES in each category and open will ALWAYS receive All American points.
· Since All American points are no longer tied to trophies, there is no longer any incentive to give “token” trophies (lapel pins, etc.).
· The only report the ATA office will need to determine points recipients after an All American points shoot is the trophy winners listing from the host club.
· All American Points Pins (preciously given at ATA Zone Shoots and Satellite Grand American tournaments) have been DISCONTINUTED.

These are the major changes to the procedures, for complete details please refer to Appendix II of the Official ATA rules, or feel free to contact the ATA office.