Updates and Rules

Upcoming Rule Changes – Effective September 1

During this year’s Grand American, the ATA Board of Directors voted to eliminate the 18 yard line from ATA registered Handicap competition effective September 1, 2018 (the beginning of the 2019 target year). As a result, the yardage for all 18 and 18.5 yard members will be increased to 19 yards for any registered shoots on or after September 1, 2018 AND for any shoots which begin prior to September 1 that end on or after September 1 (Example: the Heartland Grand begins on August 28 and ends on September 3. 18 yard shooters will be advanced to 19 yard at this shoot from August 28 forward). ANY 18 YARD SHOOTERS THAT HAVE PRESQUADDED FOR ANY SHOOTS IN THIS TIME PERIOD AT 18 YARDS, WILL NEED TO BE RESQUADDED.

All 18 yard shooters that have been active since 2016 will be mailed a 19 YARD ADVANCEMENT CARD. This is not to be confused with their 2019 Annual or Life Membership average card. If their dues are current that card will be available in a few weeks.

Any scores shot from the 18 yard line after the dates referenced above will not count and will be disqualified.

Rule Changes effective 9/1/2018
Yardage Change List

A couple of other important rule changes that will have immediate effect:

Money Punches eliminated

Change Section VI, D., 5. Page 22 as follows:
Any score 97, 98, and 99 in a single handicap event will automatically earn 1 yard, and a score of 100 in a single handicap event will automatically earn 1-1/2 yards provided these scores do not earn at least that much under the earned yardage table.

This changes eliminates the money punches from the earned yardage rules.

2 yards on adjacent posts and 3 yards in the squad for ALL yardage

Change Section IV, H., 2. Page 13 by REMOVING:
“If 18, 19, or 20-yard shooters are in squad, it is strongly suggested that there be no more than one (1) yard difference between adjacent shooters in the squad, however, there shall be no more than a total difference of two (2) yards in these squads.”

There may now be two yards on adjacent posts and three yards on the squad if there’s a post in between shooters for ALL yardages.


A copy of Appendix II of the Official ATA rules is listed below, however some of the highlights of the revised point determination procedures follow:

· There is only one “type” of All American points now. There are no longer separate “trophy” points and “tie” points.
· Trophies are no longer required to be given in order for points to be awarded.
· ALL shooters breaking the TOP THREE SCORES in each category and open will ALWAYS receive All American points.
· Since All American points are no longer tied to trophies, there is no longer any incentive to give “token” trophies (lapel pins, etc.).
· The only report the ATA office will need to determine points recipients after an All American points shoot is the trophy winners listing from the host club.
· All American Points Pins (preciously given at ATA Zone Shoots and Satellite Grand American tournaments) have been DISCONTINUTED.

These are the major changes to the procedures, for complete details please refer to Appendix II of the Official ATA rules, or feel free to contact the ATA office.