State Shoot Results

2021 State Shoot Results

Monday 50 Bird 22 – Yard Handicap Charity Event, sponsored by Kay’s Upholstery
St. Mary’s OH 419-394-3128,
Kay Mueller

1st Place – Kevin Sigler $390.00
2nd Place – Brayden Paxson $117.00
Rife Denlinger $117.00
3rd Place – Travis Snyder$156.00

A portion of the income will be going to the American Heart Association.

A.T.A. Delegate, Michael Blair

This year, 36 shooters lined up at the 27-yard marker (from Vandalia), to compete at the Michael Blair MISS AND OUT.

The winners were:
1st place- John Thomas $502.00
2nd place- Colin Hotchkiss $302.00
3rd place- Brayden Paxson $201

President Steve Corwin chose the American Heart Assosication as the charity for the 2021 State Shoot. Treasurer Lisa Caplinger and President Corwin presented them with a donation of $1,000.00. Thank you to the shooters who participated in the Monday-Fun Day events.


There were two ways to get some free shells at the State Shoot. If you did not win any at the cornhole tournament, you might be lucky and win a flat by having your name drawn in the daily shell give away. A total of 65 flats of shells were given out to the lucky people who played the $5.00 option offered on 12 events. Five bonus names were pulled after event 12 by putting all of the participant names back into the barrel one last time

Terry Mavis was all smiles after winning a flat of shells as well as a pair of Pilla Shooting Glasses in the MidwayUSA/Foundation raffle.

There were seven other lucky winners of Pilla shooting glasses:

Jason Huffman, Jim Harrod, Jeff Schlichter, Dallas Meeker, Timothy Soloman, Bob Grosjean and Ryan Minyo.

The Ohio State Trapshooting Foundation along with MidwayUSA, also raffled off six guns. Thoses lucky winners were:

Kyle Hamilton- Browning BL 22 Grade II
Bill Sheward- Ruger American Rifle with Leupold VX Freedom Scope
Marcus Hershberger- Ruger PC Carbine 9 mm rifle
Jason Huffman- Grey CZ-USA 1012 shotgun
Mike Jackson – Glock 44
Timothy Goetz- Glock 44

Elaina McCarthy with the 2021 Stock Lock II winner, Junior Gold shooter Daniel Fether of Stryker , Ohio.

The 2021 winners of the Annual Brittain Motors President’s Handicap:

David Shaeffer Jr. $500.00
Richard Marshall Jr. $166.50
Keith Ditto $166.50
Brent W. Bennett $166.50

The annual Foundation raffle for the black E-Z-GO golf cart was very successful again this year. The Ohio State Trapshooting Foundation is grateful to E-Z-GO Textron and to all the people who purchased a chance to win this gorgeous golf cart! The lucky winner was Art Baker from Wilmington, Ohio.


The Husband & Wife category was again won by Betty and Roger Peterson of Xenia, Ohio with a score of 377. The Parent& Child category was also a repeat performance for Britt and Bryce Havenar. Their winning score this year was 386. Michael Roese represented Madison County Fish & Game in the Director’s Cup competition and won the cup and $100.00 with a score of 195. Congratulations to all!

50-50 Winners of Foundation Raffle

The following people won the 50-50 daily raffle to support the Ohio State Trapshooting Foundation. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets! The profits go to our annual scholarship program, reduced target fees for the young shooters at the State Shoot, the ice cream social, the Hall of Fame museum and many other important projects.

Monday- Victor Chuck $153
Tuesday- Brad Lehman $80
Wednesday- Joe Marsch $103
Thursday- Sandy Berlet $131
Robin Laster $78
Kay Mueller $165

Annual Wednesday evening Cornhole Tournament

Shooters wait their turn to throw some bag and take a shot at winning some shells!

1st place winners: Jim Jones and Fred Dague of WV
1 flat of shells each, compliments of the O.STA.

2nd place winners: Nick Wallace and Mark Roder
1/2 flat of shells each, compliments of the O.STA.

Annual Friday evening Cornhole Tournament

1st place winners: Ron Dentinger and Adam McGinns
1 flat of shells each, compliments of the O.STA.

2nd place winners: Mark Isner and Jim Godez
1/2 flat of shells each, compliments of the O.STA.

2020 State Shoot Results

Monday 50 Bird 22 – Yard Handicap Charity Event, sponsored by Kay’s Upholstery
St. Mary’s OH 419-394-3128,
Kay Mueller

Laura Fiebelkorn was the only shooter to break all 50 targets! She won $538.00 and was thrilled. There were two scores of 49 earning $163.00 each, Breydon Paxon and Chase Horton. The total payout to the shooters was $1,256.00. A portion of the income will be going to the Alzheimer’s Association, Central Ohio Chapter.


1st place winner – Chuck Wilson $347.00
2nd place winner – Josh Chuck $208.00
3rd Place winner – John Thomas $139.00

Shooter stands on the 27- yard line stone from Vandalia during the BUCKEYE PROPANE MISS AND OUT charity shoot. President Tim Hunsaker chose the Alzheimer Association, Central Ohio Chapter as the charity for 2020.

Shooters line up to shoot for cash at the “back fence” as a warm up for a week of competition at the 134th Ohio State Shoot.

First Place winner, Chuck Wilson

MidwayUSA/ O.S.T.A. Fundraiser

Tuesday winners of the Pilla Shooting Glasses
Beverly Scott
Jason Huffman

The Foundation in combination with MidwayUSA held a gun raffle again this year. One raffle ticket was drawn on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Two tickets were pulled on Sunday. The 7 lucky winners were:

Ruger American Rifle With Leupold VX Freedom Scope
Scott Taylor
Kristyn M. Zwiebel
James D. Stevens

Savage III Trophy Hunter Rifle with Nikon Scope
Tom Laswell
Brian Ingle

Winchester SX4 Hybrid
Craig Denlinger

Wednesday Stock Lock II

This year, 14 shooters had a score that qualified them to compete in the annual Stock Lock II Shoot-Off. After four rounds, Chase Horton was declared the winner!

Wednesday Evening Winners:
1st Place- Alex Cutter & Kevin Dawson
Prize: 1 flat of shotgun shells each, courtesy of the O.S.T.A.

2nd Place- Rick Miller & Ron Caldwell
Prize: 1/2 flat of shotgun shells each, courtesy of the O.S.T.A.

Friday Evening Winners:
1st Place- Jim Jones & Fred Dague
Prize: 1 flat of shotgun shells each, courtesy of the O.S.T.A.

2nd Place- Hunter Howard & Keith Howard
Prize: 1/2 flat of shotgun shells each, courtesy of the O.S.T.A.

Three dove hunts to Cordoba, Argentina were offered in a raffle to benefit the Ohio State Trapshooting Foundation.

The winners were:
Larry Moody of Jamestown, Ohio on Thursday
Mike O’Brien of Marshallville, Ohio on Friday
Caitlin Simms of Glade Park , Colorado on Saturday

Event 9 of the State Tournament was the Annual President’s Handicap Sponsored again by Brittain Motors and Steve Stedman. The cash winners of the 100 target competition were:

Jerry Osborne III $500.00
Howard O’Neil $300.00
Ian Lawrence $200.00


The Husband & Wife category was won by Roger and Betty Peterson with a combined score of 388. They had a terrific week at this year’s tournament, taking home 18 trophies between the two of them! The Parent/Child category winners were Britt and Bryce Havenar with a score of 393. Steve Stedman represented Monroe Sportsman’s Club in the Director’s Cup competition and won the cup in a repeat performance with a score of 199.

Roger and Betty Peterson

Josh Brown of Lawrenceburg, Indiana is all smiles as he takes a seat in his new E-Z-GO golf cart after his lucky ticket was drawn Saturday evening. Jason was enjoying his dinner at the local restaurant when he got a call from the O.S.T.A. Secretary informing him that he was needed at the shoot-off building immediately. He was a bit confused at first but willingly left behind his dinner when he found out his raffle ticket had been pulled! The prize included an aluminum trailer to pull it home.

2020 O.S.T.A. President Tim Hunsaker presents Jason Brown with the keys to his Golf Cart. Proceeds from the ticket sales benefit the Ohio State Trapshooting Foundation.

2019 State Shoot Stock Lock

Pat McCarthy of Dawson Enterprises presents Peggy Wise with a custom Stock Lock after winning the handicap event.

2019 MIDWAYUSA 7 GUN GIVE-AWAY! – Random draw

Tuesday – Kyle Farber (Winchester SXP Black Shadow)
Wednesday – Robert Chocinsky(Browning BL22)
Thursday – Marlin Raber (Henry 30/30)
Friday – Jerry Osborne III (Winchester SXP Black Shadow)
Saturday – Keegan Kendall (Browning BT99)
Sunday – Ian Lawrence(Browning BL22)
Sunday – Perry Hatfield(Browning BT99)

Brittain Motors President’s Handicap

$500 Tuff Hutchins
$300 Kevin Dawson
$200 Patrick McCarthy

Steve Stedman of Brittain Motors with winners Patrick McCarthy (and Rusty), Tuff Hutchins and Kevin Dawson.


Ryan Phillip’s was the winner of the Kubota Shoot-Off.

By Saturday of the 2019 State Shoot, 57 competitors had their names drawn for the chance to win the Kubota. Everyone shot 2 shots from all 5 posts and those who broke all 10 moved on to the next round. Eventually, it came down to 5 shooters, Ernest Henry, Laura Fiebelkorn, Ryan Phillips. Jason Huffman and Ray Gajoch Sr. Jason was the next shooter to be eliminated with the other 4 shooters breaking 9 of the 10 targets. Ernest faltered and it was down to just three shooters. Ray and Laura missed and Ryan was the champion.

Directors Ed Detty and John Mueller keep watch as Ryan has it narrowed down to himself and 2 shooters.

2019 State Shoot Singles Category Winners

The 2019 Husband/Wife Champions were Don and Sharon Cogan with a score of 390.

The 2019 Director’s Cup winner was Steve Stedman shooting for Monroe Sportsman’s Club

The 2019 Parent & Child Champions were Steve and Joe Charnigo with a score of 390.

2019 E-Z-GO Golf Cart & trailer winner

The winner of the E-Z-Go Golf Cart was Kyle Farber of Minerva, Ohio.

President Robert Caplinger congratulates Kyle Farber of Minerva, Ohio – 2019 winner of the Golf cart Foundation fundraiser.


Due to some unfortunate rains, we had another soggy tournament and it had to be condensed into a one evening event. This year we had 28 competitors. The First Place winners were Kevin Dawson and Alex Cutter and they each received a flat of shells. Good bags guys!


The SINGLES winner was the Southwest with a score of 2888
Northeast 2869
Northwest 2866
Southeast 2827

The DOUBLES winner was the Northeast Zone with a score of 1364
Northwest 1358
Southwest 1355
Southeast 1336

Winners of the 2019 50/50 Foundation Raffle:
Tuesday – Tad Johnson $116.00
Wednesday – Tonya Bluhm McCauley $71.00
Thursday – Bill Stoeppel $81.00
Friday – Bob Rumbaugh $96.00
Saturday – Linda Lavalee $193.00

The Ohio State Trapshooting Foundation thanks everyone who participated in this year’s 50/50 raffle. The raffle has been a huge success in supplementing the expenses of the Foundation for scholarships and our museum.

Sponsored by Bottom Dollar Gun & Archery

Winner – Austin Jacob
2nd – Alex McCafferty
3rd – Chuck Wilson

In spite of the wet weather, we had 50 shooters compete in our annual Miss and Out charity event. Heartland Hospice is the 2019 charity this year and $250.00 was collected as part of the Ohio State Trapshooting Association’s donation.

Sponsored by Kay’s Upholstery in St. Mary’s, Ohio

Fifty shooters participated in the charity shoot for Heartland Hospice. Joe Cafagno, Craig Denlinger and Dave Berlet were the big winners with a score of 50. They each received $150.00.

Unclaimed Trophy List

Please check to see if your name (or a friends name) is on this list. If so, stop by the O.S.T.A. building during tournament hours to pick up an item that is being held for you.